Marefat High School

Marefat is a high school located in Kabul, Afghanistan. This school is rapidly improving and its students show distinction among the students of the area. For example these students have %100 entry to Afghan Universities. There are 3000+ students currently studying in this school. The percentage of male and female student is almost equal; 1:0.8. The majority of the teachers in this school are female.

Morning ceremony in Marefat high school

Initially the school started out in Pakistan to help educate the immigrants who were facing culture shock. Later as situation progressed in Afghanistan, a branch of it opened in Afghanistan but then it was poorly facilitated. As time progressed foreign donors were kind enough to help out with school’s reconstruction. Before Marefat became the school that it is today; it spent sometime educating students in residential properties.

Marefat has come a far way to be the school it is. For Hazara people or at least for me, Marefat has become a symbol of emancipation through education. It has become a great success despite the hardship Hazaras are going through in both Kabul and Quetta.

This is something I never had; the experience going to school with my own people. To have classmates who are all Hazaras. My elementary school was in Iran, I was the only Afghani in the class and trust me it wasn’t a good experience but I am happy to study in there nevertheless.

Blog of a student at Marefat:

Marefat’s Flicker:


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